In-Flight Training in just 3 days

The Flight Attendant Academy
Have you ever wondered what it really takes to become a Flight Attendant?

Our instructors have over 30 years of Flight Attendant Experience flying for some of the best airlines such as; Delta Connection-BEX, Airtran Airways, Planet Airways, Jetblue Airways and Delta Airlines. In addition; Our recruiters have been involved in the hiring process for many of these airlines , as Flight Attendant Recruiters, Lead Flight Attendant Instructors, Check Flight Attendants, In-flight Supervisors, Basic Indoc. Instructors, Proving Run Flight Attendants and Air Transportation Supervisors. They also hold a current Federal Aviation Administration Flight Attendant Certificate.

“This career has allowed our flight attendants recruiters and instructors to travel throughout the world. From Spain, Italy, Argentina, Colombia, South America, Central America, Mexico or the Caribbean, we all have been there and we want you to know that … the sky is the limit! We love flying, we love teaching and we love seeing our graduates succeed, because in the end we know they are going to love their new life style.”

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